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Pickling and Skin Passing - TATA Astrum

Pickling & Oiling
Hot Rolled Coils have an oxide film or scales on their surface. Pickling cleans thease scales to give the Hot Rolled Coil surface a better look and finish.

Through a continuous process, the HR coil is uncoiled and sent through a series of inorganic acid bath (Hydrochloric or Sulphate acid), that removes the oxides/scales (rust) from the surface (top & bottom). Post the pickling process, the strip is properly rinshed and then oiled. Pickling and oiling process enhances the surface finish and improves the shelf life of steel. Pickled and oiled steel sheets and coils are ideal for application that require an even finish.

Pickling, Oiling and Skin Passing
Skin-passing of the coils is done post the pickling and oiling process. Skin passing is a light cold rolling operation which suppresses the appearance of strectcher strain and minimizes coil break during uncoiling and subsequent processing. It produces a smooth surface, makes the thickness of the coil uniform and does minor corrections in mechanical properties.

The Skin passing process involves passing the coil through a set of rolls. The rolls induce a predefined amount of force on the HR surface which makes the surface smoother and corrects the yield point phenomenon.

TATA Steel supplies HRPO and SRSPO steel form its in-house facilties in CRM Bara as well as from its EPAs.

CRM, Bara Specifications for HRPO :

CRM, Bara Specifications for HRSPO :

Parameters Values (mm)
Strip Thickness 1.2 mm - 6 mm
Strip Width 700 mm - 1650 mm
Weight 30 T (Max)
Coil / D 762 mm
Coil O / D 1000 mm - 2150 mm
Parameters Values (mm)
Strip Thickness 1.2 mm - 3.2 mm
Strip Width 800 mm - 1270 mm
Weight 28 T (Max)
Coil / D 610 mm
Coil O / D 2150 mm (Max)

BMW, Gamharia Specifications for HRPo :

Parameters Values (mm)
Strip Thickness 1.2 mm - 5 mm
Strip Width 900 mm - 1500 mm
Weight 30 T (Max)
Coil / D 610 mm


Product Range - TATA Astrum

TATA Astrum comes in different forms to suit a variety of requirements. It is dispatched either directly from the mills or from one of the many authorized service centers, depending on customer requirements. No matter from where it is dispatched, it conforms to TATA Steel's impeccable product quality standards.

The Product Range includes :

  • Hot Rolled Coils (HRC)
  • SPO (Skin Pass Pickled & Oiled)
  • Cut to length Sheets (CTL)
  • Pickled & Oiled (PO)
  • Slit Coils

TDC or Technical Delivery condition consists of a set of specifications which is guaranteed in the product.

Standard width & thickness matrix

We can also supply grades other than the ones mentioned in the table, subject to Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and Width - Thickness combination HR PO material for the above grades can be supplied on order.

For Further details please contact your nearest sales office.